Journalism Student at Northwestern University

Shoot the Heat

The NOAA warned that June 20th, 2012 might be the hottest June 20th ever recorded in South Jersey. Classic local news. Of course, my job as an intern for The Courier Post was to “shoot the heat.” I accompanied photographer Jose Morano to the outdoor Eastern High School commencement ceremony in Voorhees, and while he snapped shot after shot of graduating senior I looked for “hot” moments. Here are some stills which, if I did my job right, should make you feel the sweltering sun that led to three ambulance calls at this event alone.

The images are a mix of  colors stills and black and white. I have a love/hate relationship with this style.

The crowd on the metal bleachers.

Chetna Dave (left) keeps an eye on her mother-in-law, Chandra Shah.

(Left) Joshua Gentry. (Right) Kevin Gentry.

A small square of shade filled quickly.

Onlookers reflected in a fast-drying puddle in the parking lot.

Edward Bloom, 8, hid from the heat.

Sandra Pratt fanned herself.

The Ghaffari family, from left: Moe, Patti, Elizabeth and Alexandra, kept cool with matching umbrellas.


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