Journalism Student at Northwestern University

Unclaimed Lotto Ticket

My editor at the Post likes to call the art of shooting decidedly non-visual stories “putting lipstick on a pig.” Today was a good example, when I was assigned a peice on an unclaimed lottery ticket – that is, the news of what didn’t happen. A few different options were suggested for this, among them a photo illustration (personally, I’m not a big fan of that kind of graphic) but this image captured at the store where the winning ticket was sold ended up being the strongest option:

Ron Gardner, center in front of a wall of winning lottery tickets, claims a prize and buys more tickets at the One Stop Food Mart convenience store in Magnolia, NJ Monday where an unclaimed powerball ticket worth $200,000 was sold. Gardner uses a system of tearing losing tickets to ensure he does not lose track of winning numbers. Above his head, a sign informs patrons of the big prize.

Shot for a story on the unclaimed ticket in the Courier Post.


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