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Aftermath of a Tragedy

EDIT JULY 18 – I’ve noticed a number of hits on this post coming from search terms related to the passing of Qua’Nyrah Houston. I think it is very important that I make clear that this blog is NOT a news article. While I strive for a high standard of journalistic accuracy and integrity, my main purpose here is to collect my work and reflect on it. I would encourage anyone seeking information about Qua’Nyrah’s death to refer to these articles by reporter George Mast, with whom I covered this story for the Courier Post:

Original Article
Recent Article

Early in the morning of Friday, June 29th, a house in Camden, NJ caught fire with two teenagers and another woman inside. Both teenagers died trying to escape the suspected arson. One of the teens was Kenny Holmes Jr., 16, whose father owned the house. The other is presumed to have been Qua’Nyrah Houston, 15, who told a friend she was sneaking over to visit Kenny that night.

The following are two stills, one from Qua’Nyrah’s home and the other from Kenny’s.

Quamir Houston, 16, looks at pictures of his younger sister, Qua’Nyrah Houston, in her room in Camden Monday, July 9th. Qua’Nyrah is presumed dead after a fire at her friend Kenny Holmes Jr.’s father’s home Friday, June 29th. Kenny poses with Qua’Nyrah in the left photo. The coroner’s office confirmed Kenny’s death.

DaBriah Pace holds her son Mekhi in her home in Camden Monday, July 9th. Mekhi was born the week before her older son Kenny Holmes Jr. and a girl, presumed to be his friend Qua’Nyrah Houston, died in a fire at Holmes’ father’s house.


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