Journalism Student at Northwestern University

Blood on the Pavement

We heard there was a shooting in Camden over the police scanner, and I went with a reporter down to the scene. When we got there, there were only these two officers behind the crime scene tape. (More arrived after about 15 minutes.) Usually, my first move after shooting the news item in this situation is to find a crowd reacting. However, there was barely a crowd. One man, Junior Rivera, stood in front of his mother’s home and told his neighbors that this violence was why he left Camden. He blamed the shrunken police force. A block away, a girl road her bicycle back and forth along the sidewalk. While there, word came that the victim had died.

This is what blood looks like on 100+ degree pavement:


Mr. Rivera, blaming the mayor for the city’s troubles:

More police arrived – this was a moment before they shunted us away from the intersection:



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