Journalism Student at Northwestern University

A Forklift and a Goodbye

Calvin Clark loads boxes of toilet seats into a trailer at a factory in Bellmawr, NJ. From one of my last assignments for the Courier-Post.

I’ve probably been putting up too many shadowy shots lately, but all my brightly lit assignments have been related to grisly murders. Hopefully the return to NU will provide a change of pace in that regard. While I think covering the more painful stories is incredibly important – and a large part of what I want to do in journalism – in Camden tragedy has seemed to become the grim routine.

With my internship ending today, and my train ticket back to Chicago booked for next Thursday, it is freeing to look forward to several weeks of covering the relatively trivial but spectacular drama of Northwestern Wildcats’ football for the Daily Northwestern before classes begin.

None of that is to diminish my appreciation for all I have had the chance to do and see this summer. My first foray into “real” newspapering has pushed me in new and unfamiliar ways. My supervisor has connected me with great assignments, always with an eye toward finding me new experiences and learning opportunities. His mentoring, along with that of the several photographers and reporters with whom I have worked closely, has changed me as a photographer and as a journalist. I’m grateful, and excited to reapply the lessons learned on this job in the future.

EDIT: Because this apparently needs clarification: I do not consider sports reporting trivial. What I mean is that NU will be a nice change of pace from Camden county in terms of frequency of horrific stories.


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