Journalism Student at Northwestern University

Mourning Zahree

From my part in the coverage of the tragic death of Zahree Thomas, a 2-year-old from Camden, NJ.

The Courier-Post article on the incident can be found at this link. (Disturbing content warning.)

Tayari Horcey, 57, of Camden (left) placed toys and candles Thursday, August 23, 2012 at a makeshift memorial at the home of Zahree Thomas, 2. Police say Zahree’s mother, Chevonne Thomas – who was reported to have been under the influence of drugs – killed her young son before committing suicide early Wednesday morning. With Horcey is her young cousin Ryan Synor, 7. Children from the neighborhood, many of whom knew Zahree, frequented and played on and around the memorial.

I’ve become good at the “stick the camera in the air and guess your angle” technique, which is especially useful at crime scenes and rock concerts.


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