Journalism Student at Northwestern University

Re-Visit: NUDM 2012

Northwestern University’s Dance Marathon is a wildly successful charity event – the culmination of months of fundraising by Greek Organizations, other student groups and many individual students – held every year on in a giant tent set up behind the student center on campus. Student bands, the athletic teams, and student dance/comedy troupes perform and show their support as participants (including some involved or helped by the beneficiary charity) spend 30 hours moving to the music. The event is led by student emcees who whip themselves into enough of a lather to barely falter in their excitement. In 2012 the air in the room got so thick with evaporated sweat that every time I entered it was like stumbling into a dense (smelly) fog. By the end of the 30 hours of dancing, when the total raised sum is announced, the outpouring of emotion is incredible as exhausted participants release a last surge of pent-up energy before collapsing.

Collected are some of my favorite images from the 8 hours of coverage (out of 30) that I was involved with for the Daily Northwestern in winter 2012. The complete group effort is available here.


One response

  1. great shots all thru, but the first one is just fantastic!

    August 24, 2012 at 8:51 pm

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