Journalism Student at Northwestern University

Football: Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt

For complete coverage and more game action and sideline photos, head to The Daily Northwestern.

I used the old 300mm manual focus lens that has been sitting around the Daily’s offices since the 90’s to shoot NU’s first home game of the season. It was a new experience, and there’s definitely a steep learning curve. I’m beginning to get the hang of it, though. Here’s my favorite game action of the night:

And here are some sideline features:

Members of the U.S. Coast Guard circled the field with Willie the Wildcat on board before the game.

Fans sing “Go U Northwestern.”

A Marching Band member pauses to watch the game.

A lone Vanderbilt fan raises a green pom-pom in a crowd of disappointed Northwestern fans as the first half ends with the Wildcats down 10-3.


Fans make noise during the comeback.

In the fourth quarter, it began to rain.


Cheerleaders kept the fans engaged as the weather turned nasty.

The Wildcats won 23-13.



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  1. Fantastic photographs!

    September 9, 2012 at 11:02 pm

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