Journalism Student at Northwestern University

Low-light shooting and a dog

For the second year in a row, I covered one of several “light walks” on and around campus designed to identify poorly lit and dangerous areas at night. It was cold and they were moving fast. By it’s nature, a difficult shoot. I was shooting wide open, with the ISO bumped as high as it would go without filling the sky with awful green light  pollution reflected off of the clouds over Chicago. My shutter speed was 1/50 – not awful, but definitely an easy way to produce shaky, blurry photos of moving subjects. And this was going to be lead art. So, plenty of pressure.

I ran ahead of the group over and over and lay down in the grass to let them walk into my frame. Finally, on one attempt, Mayor Tisdahl’s little dog Comet came over to investigate  and the subjects laughed. Shot made. Nothing beautiful, but I’m happy it worked out this well.

Story in The Daily tomorrow.


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