Journalism Student at Northwestern University


Outside of schoolwork, my evenings over the course of the last several weeks have often been dominated by theater shoots. I’ve learned to love these performances in the last year, and figuring out how best to shoot them – a very different sort of photography from what I’m used to – has been a fun process. Each shoot presents its own particular challenges and opportunities.

This is Not a Pipe Dream

Monica, 1998 and This is Not a Pipe Dream were both performed in Shanley – a cramped performance space on the Northwestern University campus  that lends itself to a very in-your-face style of theatre. In Pipe Dream, a children’s show based on the life of René Magritte, the actors performed a series of vaudevillian routines that had me falling over myself rushing to keep up.

In addition to these production images, I produced a series of promotional images for the posters loosely based on some of Magritte’s more famous paintings:

Monica, 1998

This show, also staged in Shanley, was very different from Pipe Dream. Built on gritty realism and a series of vignettes deliberately staged to resemble one another, with the addition of some heavy mood lighting and audience seating on both sides of the stage, Monica presented a very different challenge in terms of creating a variety of imagery.

Fall Dance Concert

How do you shoot a show performed almost entirely in the dark? At first I tried to make do with high ISOs but even on the best camera a 6400 image isn’t going to be print quality. Instead, for many of the scenes I used my knee as a tripod and did something entirely different.


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